To participate in the WRO qualifications, teams should register for FREE by 31th August 2020 at 23:59 Tunis time.

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    Open Category - National WeDoOpen Category - ElementaryOpen Category - JuniorOpen Category - SeniorRegular Category - National WeDoRegular Category - ElementaryRegular Category - JuniorRegular Category - SeniorWRO FootballAdvanced Robotics ChallengeNational Advanced Robotics Challenge without material requirements

    If qualified to the 2019 WRO finals in Hungary, will you be able to participate in the finals and to cover your registration and travel expenses?*

    The teams should take part with the Ethics Code in mind and they do not use copies / internet solutions. The teams need to be able to explain their robot solutions and their programs. Teams should sign the ethics code letter and present the signed hard copy in the qualification day.